About Me!


I know you are looking around for a photographer who is the perfect fit for you and that is completely cool (unlike me, I am not cool, even less so when I use that word)! To help you towards making this important decision I will let you know a little more about me…

I love life, I make crazy decisions and I eat faaaaar too much chocolate. Life is short so I like to make it sweet!

I have two beautiful little girls who are determined never to let me have another lie-in in my life. I am married to Jim and how he has put up with me for all these years I just don’t know. I think without me he might starve to death so it’s a self preservation thing… I am a regular girl, I constantly question my parenting skills and I struggle to keep on top of the washing up. I am so busy running around in the day that my head spins and I just can’t wait until the time I get to sit down and binge on Grey’s Anatomy before falling asleep on the sofa almost immediately.

I am a massive animal lover. We have two loving dogs who are in their golden years and always getting a cuddle from us all. My fur babies for sure, after all they were my first children!

My career in photography has never been dull, I love what I do and meeting new families is a massive highlight. Plus cuddling all those cute, squishy babies satisfies my broodiness so keep ’em coming people! My jobs does mean that I can often be covered in wee and poo but I really do wish that the parents would just use my toilet….

That was a joke, probably not going to pursue my stand up comedian career but thankfully the photography is doing me just fine!

My most important material treasures are my photographs. God forbid it but if my house was on fire, once the kids, hubby and dogs were out and safe the photos would be absolute next on the list. They hold precious memories to me of times and people that I won’t get back and this sentiment is what pushes me further and further in my job.

I often get complimented by my lovely clients on how comfortable I make them feel. I am very relaxed but I do take my job very seriously. I tend to go a bit bananas when I am trying to attract the attention of toddlers and young children for their photos. Cue fart noises… But hey it works so why fix what isn’t broken!

I work from my studio at the bottom of my garden, it’s perfectly equipped and comfy enough for you to relax and put your feet up while I do all the hard work!

I hope to be able to get to know you soon, and have a good chat about what you are looking for. I take a lot of pride in my business and making my clients SUPER happy. I may or may not be the photographer for you but as my lovely dad used to say, “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

Helen xx

Client Testimonials

“Absolutely LOVE our photos from our recent newborn/family shoot! Helen was amazing throughout the whole process – she was so friendly, flexible and accommodating to our needs from the moment we made the booking. I will cherish the images forever and can’t wait to show them off. Thank you so much Helen.”

– Seema Jassal